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Ridgid Standard Series ProPress XL-C Rings Kit (2-1/2″ – 4″) 20483

July 6, 2013

Specific For Copper Fittings

Ridgid Standard Series ProPress XL-C Rings Kit (2-1/2" - 4") 20483

The Ridgid Standard Series ProPress XL-C Rings Kit (2-1/2″ – 4″) 20483 is specifically designed for professional use with copper fittings and applications. It has a patented ring design that is engineered to make pressed connections for the standard 2-1/2″ – 4″ copper tube.

Tight Spaces are a Cinch

Tight spaces are a cinch with the Ridgid 20483 Standard Series ProPress XL-C Rings, made to address the tight spaces and small enclosed areas that are usually a big problem for plumbers. These  XL-C Rings, as well as the V2 Actuator Jaw, both include a patented swiveling feature, which allows the ProPress tool to connect to the ring at any angle relative to the tubing, thus allowing professional’s greater access into even the tightest of  spaces. Furthermore, the V2 actuator jaw is now equipped with new jaw identification clips, for faster and easier identification of the correct and appropriate pressing jaw for each job .

Compatible in Design

The Ridgid Standard Series ProPress XL-C Rings are designed in conjunction with the ProPress XL-C fittings, to ensure complete system compatibility. In addition, Ridgid made the ProPress series compatible only with Ridgid standard series pressing tools, but these well crafted hand tools are completely backed by a full Ridgid lifetime warranty. At the end of the day what Ridgid has created is a set of tools that stands above the rest in both quality and design,

The Ridgid 20483 PRoPRess XL-C Rings Complete Kit

The ProPress 2-1/2″-4″ kit comes complete with one V2 actuator, a 2-1/2″ ring, a 3″ ring, a 4″ ring, plus a tube insertion depth marking gauge, a carrying case, and an operator’s manual.

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