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Ridgid 23702 K-1500A Sectional Machine with C-14 Cables

July 20, 2013

  K-1500A Sectional Machine Includes Everything You Need

The Ridgid 23702 K-1500A Sectional Machine with C-14 Cables includes a Sectional Machine, an A-1 Mitt, an  A-12 Pin Key, one A-34-12 Rear Guide Hose, seven C-14 Sectional Cable, two A-8 Cable Carriers, and Nine-Piece 1-1/4″ Tool Set.

One-Person Operating Features

Ridgid 23702 K-1500A Sectional Machine with C-14 Cables

 The Ridgid 23702 K-1500 has been lauded as the finest all-around sewer and drain cleaning machine. Not too large in size, it takes only one operator, to easily clean the heaviest of blockages whether they are indoors or out. It has a high-speed cleaning option for operators and gets all of your professional jobs done faster with even better results.

An Innovative Design that is Easy to Use

The Ridgid K-1500 Sectional Machine is unique and easy-to-use. It has an instant-acting cable with a clutch that maximizes the operators control. It is built with a pull down handle, and the cable spins at a constant 710 RPM. The release-handle frees the cable instantly, with no overrun to loop or break the cable. Plus, it easily wheels to the job site and sets up and cleans up fast. The upright “A” frame features a cable carrier storage during transport and is ideal for in-house/residential applications.

 Equipped with a 15 Foot “Go Anywhere” Section of Cable

The Ridgid 23702-K is equipped to run, easy to handle, and has 15-foot sections of 1 1/4″ cable to clean 3″ to 8″, 32m-200mm, lines to 200 feet. This allows you to easily go anywhere around the worksite, ultimately saving you time from moving the machine from sight to sight, setting it up, and then having to find power outlets to plug it into. With an easy clutch jaw change-out that adapts the K-1500 to run 15-foot sections of 7/8″ cable through 2″ to 4″ lines up to 175 feet. Finally it is equipped with a 3/4 HP motor that runs at 115 volts.

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