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Ridgid 325′ Seesnake EIA Reel / Black & White 14043

April 6, 2013

Small Manueverable Cameras

Ridgid 325' Seesnake EIA Reel / Black & White 14043

The Ridgid 14043 325′ Seesnake EIA Reel / Black & White is a 325 foot Seesnake reel with full camera capabilities. You’ll never be held back from getting the best picture available for diagnosing a plumbing malady, because the Ridgid 14043 has been engineered with a small camera head that easily maneuvers through multiple 2″”, 90°bends, as well as 3″” P-Traps. The camera is durable with a hardened stainless steel and sapphire crystal lens port that will protect the cameras head in difficult terrain.

Fully Adjustable with High Resolution

Ridgid is one of the premier manufacturers of high grade professional plumbing equipment, and are recognized for producting some of the best and most innovative products. As such, they do it again, as the Ridgid 325 foot Seesnake EIA Reel has a 45 fully adjustable white LED! This offers proper illumination in even the darkest applications. In addition, a 10″ high resolution color monitor and a separate professional grade, commercial VCR, are amazing amenities included that will help you complete your diagnosis with great precision and accuracy. There is also an optional “hands-free” audio recording device that can be purchased separately. In addition, each Ridgid Seesnake has been meticulously factory tested, individually, and is guaranteed to be waterproof. The 14043 can be used with all RIDGID and Kollmann line locating equipment and accessories, which includes the SeeSnake cable CountIR as standard equipment. The Ridgid  325 Foot Seesnake EIA Reel/ Black and White 14043 product has earned the UL Listing Mark and the UL Listing Mark for the United States and Canada.

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