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Ridgid 36813 micro LM-400 Laser Distance Meter

October 22, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

Ridgid 36813 micro LM-400 Laser Distance Meter

Many times great products with amazing capabilities and features miss the mark simply because the designers forget to make it easy to use and making the learning curve too steep. That being said, the Ridgid 36813 micro LM-400 Laser Distance Meter, clearly avoids that pitfall as this meter is built with a screen located on the front of the tool that allows users to clearly view measurements on it’s large, backlit, 4-line display screen. This one simple addition of a large screen with large print makes all the difference when talking about a product that is user friendly. Plus, the Ridged 36813 is packed with a fist full of features, including inclination angle measurements, which allows indirect measurements for hard to reach areas with the ability to self adjust and instantly convert your measurements to the desired calculations. These calculations include the ability to measure or convert  inches, feet, or meters. Another modern addition is the Bluetooth feature that offers a connection to smartphones and tablets to view, store, and share data instantly. The device also hooks up to Android and iOS Apps to overlay measurements onto a photo or sketch…. pretty freakin’ cool, right?!

 Specifics You May Want to Know

The Ridgid 36813 Micro LM-400 Laser Distance Measurer features a measuring accuracy of ± 1/16 inch or ±1.5mm and displays a range of  229 feet or 70 meters. The measuring units can be measured in  inches, feet, and meters. the angle range is ± 65°, the angle accuracy is ± 0.5, and the Bluetooth range is 33 feet or 10 meter. Finally, this unit features a ruggedness of  IP 54, plus it is dust proof, and splash proof.

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