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Ridgid Drain Cleaner wc 24 cable 51402 47042 k-750

August 17, 2013

Powerfully Advances and Retrieves for You

Ridgid drain cleaner wc 24 cable consist of 51402 47042 47047 k-750

The Ridgid 47047 k-750 drain cleaner 51402 47042 is engineered to be a powerful, completely self-contained machine, that is specifically built to be  ideal for professionals working on lateral lines. The 51402 design is built with a power-feed, that powerfully advances, as well as retrieves the cable automatically in as little as up to 20 feet per minute. In addition to the power feed option, this unit is also equipped with a 1/2 Horse Power induction motor, that runs at 115 volts and that supports the drain cleaner’s power, as it spins the cable at up to 200 RPMs. In addition, this highly versatile drain cleaner is designed with an auto-feed adjust function for either 5/8″ or 3/4″ cable, and can be performed with just a simple twist of a hand held screwdriver.

Easy to transport

The Ridgid Drain Cleaner k-750 is simple and easy-to-transport. The drain cleaner’s transportation is supported with the absolute minimal in set-up, plus a super handy  ”attach-a- tool and go” option, as well as transportation wheels that ease the fatigue and physical stress of  loading it into service trucks and vans. Additionally, Ridgid built the drain cleaner to be durable in construction and to perform up to professional standards. The drain cleaner K-750 is built with a heavy duty, wear and tear tough, corrosion-resistant cable drum that can withstand harsh treatment and abuse, and is guaranteed not dent or corrode. Plus, it cleans up easily.

Well Balanced

The Ridgid Drain Cleaner K-750 has a well balanced design that offers a light-weight balance and feel.  The drum holds a total of 100  feet of 3/4″ or 30m, 19mm, and  125 feet of 5/8″ cable, all which are specifically  designed to offer quicker, simpler, easier removal.  The Ridgid k-750 is recommend for 5/8″ cable for 3″ to 6″ drain lines at up to 150′, and  3/4″ cable for 4″ to 8″ drain lines of up to 200′.

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