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Ridgid 6″ Portable TRISTAND Chain Vise 36273

December 16, 2012

Durability Meets Portability

Having a tough, durable, tri-stand chain vise on the job site can be invaluable while working with large pieces of pipe, especially a chain vise that can put up with the rough conditions of continual transport. The number one priority for a portable tri-stand chain vise to possess, is the ability to be tough while taking on bulky items such as conduit or pipes to perform cuts and threading on. To address this, the Ridgid Tool Company has produced a new and portable chain vise that stands up to pipes with diameters as large as 12″.

Stands Up For You

The Ridgid 6″ Portable TRISTAND Chain Vise 36273  has a smart optimized base, providing a larger working area when working with benders. Included on the 36273 Portable TRISTAND are three tool hangers. Additionally, Ridgid included in the design an integrated ground lug, this lug has a conductive surface, which allows it to connect the weld ground. Plus, this 6″ portable tristand chain vise allows you the complete ability to operate your Ridgid Chain Vise 36273, without having to have the help of additional workers. For example, this Vice Chain is able to engage the chain by self hooking into the wear plate, with pipe up to and including 4″. This same task with other chain vises would require the use of another set of hands. Finally, the leg chain helpfully retains the legs even when the tool is  subjected to the everyday use of  rugged wear and tear due to operation and transport, and also features a handy rugged tool tray with increased stability during leg adjustments.

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