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Ridgid 66497 Sectional Machine K-60SP-SE

February 25, 2013

 Ridgid makes the 66497  Sectional Machine More Compact for Transport

Ridgid 66497 K-60SP-SE Sectional Machine

Ridgid made the Ridgid 66497 Sectional Machine K-60SP-SE a compact machine for institutional, commercial or residential cleaning. In addition, Ridgid also made the 66497 sectional machine’s size ideal for transport when working with septic tanks and vacuum trucks. Furthermore, this particular sectional machine finds a balanced compromise between being conveniently small enough, yet surprisingly and apt fully powerful enough to clear the toughest industrial sized blockages. Where it’s small size lends to easier transport and therefore added mobility, even when working on roof-top vent stacks is required, the inclusion of a rear handle allows serves as a catalyst by offering it’s user the ability to easily navigate ladders.

Ridgid Gives their Sectional Machine

K-60SP-SE Compatible

Ridgid offers a unique, easy-to-use, and instant-acting cable clutch that forces the machine to maximize power, without not only sacrificing user control, but by actually enhancing it. One of the best features however, is this machine’s intuitively and instinctual-ly simple operation, which is easy to pick up even for beginners. Once the operator pushes the handle down, the cable begins to spin, rotating up to a maximum 600RPM. If and when the operator releases the handle, the cable stops instantly, allowing for no overrun to kink or damage the cable. In addition, a simple adjustment knob allows the K-60SP-SE unit to spin both 7/8″ and 5/8″ diameter cables, which when need be, can be adjusted in seconds. When it’s all said and done, the Ridgid K-60SP-SE’s compatibility is uncomparable! Finally, the  7/8″ cable cleans 2″ to 4″ lines through 150 feet, while the 5/8″ cable cleans 1-1/4″ to 4″ lines through 125 feet. When your done, and it is time to clean, the simple removal of two bolts allows access to the machines jaw set, offering an easy way to access this machine for cleaning or part replacement.

Ridgid Pulls Out All The Frills With The K-60SP-SE

The Ridgid 66497 comes with so many frills straight out of the box, that we thought we ought to list them all here; beginning with the  K-60SP Sectional Machine, Ridgid has included an A-1 mitt, an A-12 pin key, A-60-12 rear guide hose, and an A-61 tool kit. The tool kit includes the T-101 straight auger, the T-102 funnel auger, the T-107 spade cutter, the T-125 retrieving auger, the T-150-1 shark tooth cutter, an A-12 pin key, an  A-62 Cable Kit, an A-8 cable carrier, 5 sections of C-10, and a  7/8″ cable, all of which provisioned in a Ridgid A-3 tool box.

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