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Ridgid 75075 Model 300 Power Drive

April 20, 2013

The Ridgid Power Drive 3oo 75075 Has a Reversible 1/2 Horse Power Universal Power

Ridgid 75075 Model 300 Power Drive

The Ridgid 75075 Model 300 Power Drive is an electric motor-driven machine which centers and chucks pipe, conduit and rod, bolt stock, and rotates it while threading, cutting and reaming operations are performed. With forward action,clockwise, or Reverse, counterclockwise rotation, all can be selected with the FOR/OFF/REV switch or a foot switch that provides ON/OFF control of the motor. It has a RIDGID speed chuck, a reversible 1/2 HP universal motor, and a recessed On/Off/Reverse switch, and integral foot switch. The Ridgid 300 also has a  115Volt motor, with 57 RPMs, that is approved by CSA to CSA and UL standards.

The Ridgid Power Drive 3oo 75075 Specifics

The Ridgid 475075 Model 300 Power Drive has a reversible motor, that is single-phase, and has 50/60 Hz’s.  The chuck is a RIDGID made speed chuck with replaceable rocker-action jaws and the spindle Speed runs at 57 RPM’s. Another capability of the power drive 300 is the rear centering device that has  cam-action that turns with the chuck. Two heavy-duty support bars and has a  pipe threading capacity of 1/8″ – 1-1/4″and a rod threading capacity of 1/4″ – 1-1/2″.

 Ridgid 75075 Model 300 Power Drive Threading and Grooving Operations

The threading, cutting and reaming operations can be performed by conventional hand tools or tools designed for mounting on the 300 Power Drive itself.  Included with a operators manual as well as an oiling system that is available to flood the workpiece with thread cutting oil during the threading operation. The Ridgid geared Threader can also be used with the Power Drive 300 to thread larger diameter pipe. The RIDGID Model 300 Power Drive can also be used as a power source for roll grooving equipment, it is designed to attach to the support arms of the Power Drive, as the roll grooving equipment forms standard roll grooves on a variety of pipe sizes and materials.

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