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Ridgid SP-500 Submersible Pump 1/2 HP 85937

March 26, 2013

Ridgid Creates Tough Cast Iron Pump Housing for the 85937

Ridgid SP-500 Submersible Pump 1/2 HP 85937

The Ridgid SP-500 Submersible Pump 1/2 HP 85937 has a quality build with a tough cast iron pump housing and comes inclusive with a impeller to protect the tool from the possibilities of abrasions occurring, as well as to ensure the tool has a longer overall life. In addition, and to complement the cast iron pump housing, Ridgid built the 85937 with a durable stainless steel motor housing, which aids in protecting the submersible pump from material breakdown and corrosion. Finally, the SP-500 was engineered with top suction intake, which intricately filters fine debris, to greatly increase the pumps reliability.

Easy Installation And A Permanent Lubricated Sleeve Bearing

With great foresight Ridgid included another great feature, by designing the 85937 with a 1-1/2″ discharge, enabling  for an easier operator installation process. Once the pump is installed, the SP-500 will be in compliance to required building codes. The pump also requires an 11″ footprint for installations into basins 11″ or wider. In addition to it’s easy installation, the SP-500 is also easy to take care of, thanks in part to the benefits of a permanent lubricated sleeve bearing that never requires the added maintenance of service and oiling. If all of this wasn’t enough, it also has a  vertical float switch, created to provide the operator with reliable operation.

Ridgid 85937 Specifications

The Ridgid 85937 has the ability to pump  an amazing 3,200 gallons per hour consistently, even at ten feet deep. The pump weighs 18 1/2 pounds, with a discharge size of 1-1/2″. The pumps width is 10″ across and 14″ high.


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