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Ridgid Drain Cleaner with AutoFeed and C-100 Cable 42007 K-750

July 13, 2012

The Ridgid Drain Cleaner with AutoFeed and C-100 Cable 42007 K-750 is a powerful, self-contained machine that professionals find ideal for lateral lines. It has an easy-to-transport design and requires one man to set it up. The operator simply attaches the tool and starts the machine up and begins. It doesn’t take a lot of operator muscle to run the 4200 K-750, with the designed auto feed advances, it retrieves the cable automatically, up to 20 maximum feet per minute.

Ridgid 42007

With the simple twist of your screwdriver, the versatile auto feed adjusts for either 5/8″ or 3/4″ cable. The two recommended cable sizes for the drain lines are  5/8″ cable for 3″ to 6″ drain lines up to 150 feet, and  3/4″ cable for 4″ to 8″ drain lines up to 200 feet. The drum also holds 100 feet of 3/4″ or 125 feet of 5/8″ cable and is designed for quick, and easy removal.The cable spins at the swift pace of 200 RPM, making your day move along, as it makes quick work of your jobs onsite. Made to be durable and tough, this corrosion-resistant cable drum withstands harsh treatment as well as insight abuse, it will not dent or corrode and cleans up easily. Engineered with a purposeful well-balanced design, which gives the 4200 K-750 machine a light-weight feel, which in conjunction with an included wheel that eases loading into your service truck or van, makes this machine very easy to transport.

Finally, it is equipped with 1/2 HP induction motor, a 115V, and 60 Hz. The  Ridgid 42007 K-750 Drain Cleaner with AutoFeed and C-100 Cable comes with one pair of gloves, a standard 3/4″ tool set, a T-406 Spear Blade Cutter, T-407 Retrieving Auger, T-411 2″ Cutter, T-413 3″ Cutter, and a T-414 4″ Cutter.


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