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Ridgid K-50 Sectional Machine 58920

August 23, 2013

Compact and Versatile

Ridgid K-50 Sectional Machine 58920

The Ridgid 58920 K-50 Sectional Machine is one of the most compact and versatile sectional machines that Ridgid currently makes available for professional plumbers. The K-50 showboats it’s desirable versatility with the capability to run three different sized cables including; the 5/16″ cable, the 3/8″ cable, and the 5/8″ cable. The Ridgid 58920 is the all around, perfect, go to machine for addressing all draining applications including all differing sizes of residential and commercial work such as sinks, showers, and even floor drains. Traveling to and from these applications is never a problem with this sectional machine, as it is compact in design and weight distribution, weighing  less than 40 pounds.

Unique and Easy to Use

The Ridgid K-50 Sectional Machine 58920 is designed unique with an easy-to-use system that now includes the instant-acting cable clutch. This new clutch is engineered to maximize the operators control with the sectional machine, simply pull the handle down and the cable begins to spin at 400 RPM’s, then release the handle and the cable stops almost instantly.  The K-50 Sectional Machine uses sections of 5/8″ cable, and performs a superior cleanse on 1-1/4″ to 4″ lines that can run up to 100 feet in length. In addition, Ridgid recommends a C-8 for excellent results on 1-1/4″ – 3″ drains and a C-9 for excellent results on 2″ – 4″ drain lines of up to 100 feet in length. Finally, this Sectional Machine is fully equipped with a 1/6 HP motor that generates up to 115 Volts. In case your state requires it, the K-50 model is officially CSA approved.

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