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Ridgid K50-8 Sectional Machine 59000

March 16, 2013

The Ridgid 59000 K50-8 is a Compact and Versatile Machine Built For Professional Use

The Ridgid 59000 K50-8 Sectional Machine is created with a compact and versatile design as a professional’s machine. The K50-8 is fully capable of running over three differing sized cables including a 5/16″, 3/8″, and 5/8″. Ridgid constructed the 59000 Sectional Machine to be the perfect all-around tool to perform plumbing tasks on sinks, showers, and floors, and is lauded as a superior choice in drain machines.

Ridgid K50-8 Sectional Machine 59000

Ridgid’s K50-8 Sectional Machine is Constructed as a Unique and Convenient Tool For Professionals

Ridgid made the Sectional Machine 59000, with a durable construction for consistent professional usage. Ridgid designed the K50-8 machine to weigh less than 40 pounds total. Additionally, the 59000 also has a truly unique design with an easy-to-use and instant-acting cable clutch, this clutch maximizes and aids in the operators cable control. To use, the operator simply pulls the handle down and the cable spins at 400 RPM.

Quick Release

Ridgid made the K50-8 Sectional Machine with a quick release handle, that instantly aids in the cable stopping. The machine is capable of using sections of 5/8″ cable and easily cleans 1-1/4″ and up to 4″ lines up to 100 feet. As such, Ridgid  suggests the K50-8 sectional model is best utilized in conjunction with 1-1/4″ – 3″ drains. This machine comes ready and equipped with an 1/6 HP motor running on a 115 volts, plus it is CSA approved.

 Comes Complete With

The Ridgid K-50 Sectional Machine comes with one A-30 Cable Kit, one  A-17-A Adapter, and one A-17-B Adapter.

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