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Ridgid Model 258 2-1/2″-8″ Power Pipe Cutter 50767

June 26, 2013

Ridgid Patented Performance

Ridgid Model 258 2-1/2"-8" Power Pipe Cutter 50767

The Ridgid 50767 Model 258 2-1/2″-8″ Power Pipe Cutter has patented performance as it performs cuts on 2 1/2″ to 8″ schedule 10/40 steel pipe, with the thin wall cutter wheel, as well as on galvanized pipe, rigid conduit and many others. The pipe cutter is powered by the RIDGID No. 700 Power Drive and makes smooth easy cuts by displacing, instead of removing the pipe materials, the 258 pipe cutter is a displacement cutter that provides nice clean square cuts. The Ridgid 258 pipe cutter consistently achieves a clean square cut with minimal burr on either the 21′ or nipple lengths of pipe, and does so quickly, although the pipe cutting times can and may vary, accordingly to the pipe schedule and diameter. The 258 cutter accomplishes all cuts without the inclusion of  harmful abrasive dust fly up, sparks, or a dangerous open flame.

One Operator Cuts

A convenient operator control feature lets a single user control the feeding rate by pumping the hydraulic foot pump throughout the cutting operation. Also, the RIDGID Pipe Roller is included for beveling and can be used to rotate the pipe, while a second operator uses a grinder to bevel the pipe. The Ridgid Model 258 can also achieve groove joining. The 50767 does have a durable type build that can be considered heavy duty, however it is portable and can effectively travel to each day’s job site, or just simply be left at the workshop when needed, meaning that the Rigid 258 is ready to adapt to your needs.

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