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Ridgid NaviTrack II Line Locator 96967

August 21, 2012

Ridgid 96967 NaviTrack II Line Locator

Make your company’s mapping jobs easier and more effortless than ever with the Ridgid 96967 NaviTrack II Line Locator! Check out the possibilities in mapping with this line locator, as it may possibly be the easiest machine of its type on the market to learn to use. The 96967 has standard frequencies, 512 sonde Hz and  five active line traces of 128 Hz, 1 kHZ, 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 262 kHz.

 Operate in 3 Steps

Trouble free to operate the Ridgid NaviTrack is at once usable for the untrained operator. Its simplistic design affords you easy use in three very easy steps, in fact Rigid claims that you can learn to locate with the NaviTrack II in just minutes. The first step is to begin the approach with the transmitter from any direction for a fast and truly accurate read. Second, maximize the signal and the locate step should be complete. Lastly, in step three you verify the locate using the large mapping display.

Your depth of measurement is continuous, in fact depths of greater than 15 feet can be read due to the NaviTrack II’s advanced technology. Included is a passive AC line trace, along with the additional sonde frequencies of  16 Hz, 640 Hz, 850 Hz, 8 kHz, 16 kHz, and 33 kHz. The 4 C-Cell batteries power the Ridgid NaviTrack II and last up to approximately 16 hours, which gives the operator plenty of time to throughly use the tool.

Included with the NaviTrack II Line Locator 96967 is a  Hard Plastic Carrying Case, Surface Markers and Clip, an Instructional DVD, an Operator’s Manual, and four C-Cell batteries.

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