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Ridgid Nos. 141 Receding Geared Threader 36620

December 13, 2012

Receding Geared Threader

A receding geared threader may sound a little complicated, but is actually just a simple threader tool that can be used to speed up your work considerably. With the Ridgid  36620 Nos. 141 Receding Geared Threader you have the ability to thread the nominal pipe sizes of 2-1/2″-4″ and the 141 threads 2-1/2″, 3″, 3-1/2″, and 4″ pipe with just one set of dies.

Designed Simple For Jam Proof Sessions

Ridgid Nos. 141 Receding Geared Threader 36620

With its new jaw clutch design, the Ridgid 36620 prevents jamming from occurring with just a simple adjustment, which has been engineered for either tapered or straight threads. To continue the receding geared threaders trend in simplicity, a cam-type work-holder sets for the operator instantly. Also included in this model is a right-hand only, fully enclosed gear housing.

How To Use


The Ridgid Nos. 141 Receding Geared Threader 36620 is so easy to use. Here is a quick run down of some of the threaders functions, which highlight  how quick this machine can be used to thread your pipe. To begin simply place the threader on your floor or workbench, whichever you use, making sure the drive shaft is up. Next pull the knobs out and rotate the cam plate to a desired pipe size marked on the top of die head. At this point you can  release the knobs.


To set the threader for a standard thread simply set the bottom surface of the pinion sleeve housing of die head at the red “Start” line of the pinion sleeve. Your Ridgid 36620 is now set for a standard thread.


If you end up needing to adjust, simply grasp the work holder and turn the square end of the drive shaft, or if you prefer, you could even turn the gear case by hand if needed. For an undersized A.K.A. deep throat, set the head at the top line on the guide post.

Cut Straight Threads

To cut straight threads including NPSM or BSPP, with the same dies, simply set the head into position to cut standard threads. Then remove the screw from the gear case at the base of the guide post. Pull the guide post up so the guide block attached to the selector plate is disengaged  from the angle slot. Then turn the guide post so that the straight slot faces inward. Then engage the guide block, which is now in the straight slot, then go ahead and  push the guide post down into position. Finally, replace the guide post screw. Viola! Your Ridgid Receding Geared Threader 36620 is now set to cut straight threads.



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