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Ridgid Oiler with 1 Gallon Nu-Clear Thread Cutting Oil 10883

May 7, 2013

 Durable Design With a Heavy-Duty Die Cast Body

Ridgid 10883 Oiler with 1 Gallon Nu-Clear Thread Cutting Oil

The  Ridgid 10883 Oiler with 1 Gallon Nu-Clear Thread Cutting Oil comes ready to you, with an easy pump assembly, plus a heavy-duty reservoir. Ridgid also built the Oiler 10883 with 50% more oil per stroke, which performs far better than other competitors. The 10883 Oiler, as compared to other hand-held oilers, is proving to have  a sturdier, more durable construction, as well as enables a longer overall die life. This oiler, is constructed with a heavy-duty die cast body, that now includes a smart swivel nozzle, which leaves no exposed parts, thus further enhancing proected longevity. The Ridgid oiler is a manual tool, for which Ridgid engineered has taken great strides to design it with an emphasis on it’s ergonomics, while also including a 2-finger trigger design, which also complements the operators grip while this product is in use.

Five New Design Points to Better Your Experience!

 The Ridgid 418 Oiler 10883 now has four new design elements, made to better the tools production value and eliminate existing problems. The first new design element is the new patent pending “fastener-less” twist and lock drip pan, which is a pan that can now be easily locked into place. The second new design point, is the new tool material, this material can easily withstand abrasions and is lighter than metal, also it does not rust. The third  new design attribute, is the newly constructed reservoir, which is a reservoir that is made sturdy from materials that will not crack or leak. The fourth new design implementation, is the newly constructed material. The material is so strong, that under normal to heavy use, no dents will appear or form on impact, also it will not warp or change shape over time. This supports the drip pan fitting squarely onto the reservoir, time after time, and year after year. Lastly, they designed an integral molded body that totally eliminates possible leaks forming at the hose and reservoir connections.

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