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Ridgid 88232 Roll Groover 915

September 25, 2012

 What is a Roll Groover used for?

A  large tool that prepares two ends of a pipe for joining, mainly the roll groover is specifically employed for larger pipe sizes, where it would be impossible to maneuver a traditional pipe threader. It is considered to be a dependable option with less total hours of labor involved, another plus is it can be used with pipes as large as the one utilized in building industrial air conditioning.

 RIDGID 915 Roll Groover

Ridgid Roll Groover 88232 915

The Ridgid 88232 (915) Roll Groover is a manual roll groover specifically designed to handle a plethora of field applications. It is a 23 pound, yet light weight tool, and has a cast in hand carrying handle. This enables simple transportation of the groover to and from worksites, or if you prefer, a lock up to hinder thieves. The Ridgid 915 requires only 3 1/2 inches of clearance to travel around a pipe and a minimum of 2 3/4″ of exposed pipe for grooving. Additionally, with the correct roll sets, the Roll Groover 915 can groove from 1 1/4″ to 12″ pipe, which is the widest range currently in its class. The 915’s cast-in handle allows for easy transportation, as well as the ability of chaining the groover down to prevent and deter theft. The Ridgid 915 is a must have tool for service work crews, saving overall effort and time on the job site. It has a complete customizable tool box that cradles the groover as well as all available roll sets (which are an optional buy and not included with this set). The Ridgid Roll Groover 88232 915 comes with the 915 Roll Groover and a 2″ – 6″ roll set ratchet wrench.

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