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Ridgid RT-100 115V Electric Soldering Gun 69762

March 13, 2013

Soft Soldering

Ridgid RT-100 115V Electric Soldering Gun 69762

Soldering has been used for 5,00o years and has been seen in ancient jewelry, swords, and glass works. Soft soldering is a process used to join metal materials that tend to be small or intricate in size and design. The soft soldering technique and heat level keeps the small or intricate metal parts from becoming damaged or bent as a filler metal is filled to join the metals together. Soft soldering can be used to repair refrigeration and plumbing as well as electrical wiring,electronic components, and printed circuit boards. The four basics of soft soldering are simple;

1. The key to soft soldering success is patience and experience. Most of what you learn about soft soldering will come from some trial and error and the patience to try different methods to correctly solder.

2. Acid and Resin Flux. Acid based solders come in a liquid form and typically must be brushed onto the solder joint to receive results. The Resin base are firmer and are typically safe for use with electronics.

3. Heat. Heat is key as you soft solder because the molten solder can not travel into the needed areas with out the heat required to make it flow into place.

4. Clean the metal before soft soldering. Whatever material you find you are working with, before you begin soft soldering, you must clean the areas from any type of debris including rubber, oil, or paint. Clean the areas with an appropriate response such as filing, sanding, scraping,or hydrochloric acid.

Soft Soldering with the Ridgid 69762

The Ridgid RT-100 115V Electric Soldering Gun 69762 is made to complete soft soldering projects. Specifically designed for soft soldering 50/50, 95/5 Alloys and 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ copper tubes. In addition, it has been engineered for repairing and renovation jobs. The flame-less soldering design makes it easy to use, as does the included six feet of cable this soldering gun comes with. Finally, it also comes with a built-in handle and cord wrap.


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