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Ridgid SeekTech ST-33Q Line Transmitter 26168

March 25, 2013

Ridgid’s 26168 SeekTech Has Distance

Ridgid 26168 SeekTech ST-33Q Line Transmitter

The Ridgid 26168 SeekTech ST-33Q Line Transmitter is designed with amazing distance technology. The line transmitter can induce over 8 times more current than the competition, onto a target line. Ridgid built the tool with more current, enabling the operator to walk and trace further than ever before.

Ridgid Designed the ST-33Q Line Transmitter With Versatility And Speed

 The Ridgid ST-33Q Line Transmitter has versatility in its performance with 8 kHz and 33 kHz for low distortion locates. It also has a direct connect mode, which can transmit at any frequency between 10 Hz and 490,000 Hz, thus ensuring that the SeekTech ST-33Q can be used with all receivers. In addition to its versatility, speed is also featured in the SeekTech 26168 as it produces more signals,  requiring less retracing steps and less repositioning. Furthermore  Ridgid promises a cut in inductive trace steps by half, as the operator only has to set up the ST-33Q once. Plus, in direct connect mode, the LCD display gives instant feedback on current flow and line resistance.

Ridgid Creates Accuracy and Confidence in the 26168 SeekTech

Ridgid’s 26168 has a high accuracy reading as it creates more current at lower frequencies. The lower frequencies are desirable as they are less prone to jump onto other lines in congested areas, and in turn this reduces distortion and increases the transmitters overall accuracy. With more current on the line, the operator has a rough time locating the signal. However, the operator will have more confidence, as they combine their own field experience with the information provided by the Ridgid 26168 locator, ultimately allowing them to be able to trace difficult signals without worry.

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