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Ridgid SeeSnake Digital Recording Monitor 39328 CS10

July 17, 2012

Ridgid SeeSnake Digital Recording Monitor 39328 CS10

The Ridgid SeeSnake Digital Recording Monitor 39328 CS10 is a specialty tool, manufactured for professional plumbers and is usually considered to be a high end piece of equipment. As such, the SeeSnake 39328 is produced and marketed mainly to the professional working in a specialized sector, who already has a key customer base in tact, and whom has high expectations on the completion of the job.

For those professionals, the CS10 has some truly great design components which support the operator in capturing the needed images directly onto a USB Thumb Drive Recording. This added ability lets you make digital recordings of the job for you, your staff’s, or even your customers later review. Additionally, a 12.1″ Daylight Readable Display allows the operator to easily monitor and record inspections in bright outdoor environments. A Multi Mode Recording is included to let the operator take their own snapshots, this offers a way to record full frame video in a lean video format called Auto-log. A software integration with the SeeSnake HQ, as well as with RIDGIDConnect.com, allows the operator to deliver their inspections in a wide array of formats from online to DVD.

The SeeSnake CS10 has a resolution of  640 x 480 and a power source that utilizes 2 Ridgid 18V batteries, or an AC plug if preferred. In addition, It weighs 12.2 pounds with a  length of 14.3″ and a width of 11.9″. The audio is an integrated microphone with included speakers and the video is AVI 30FPS 720 x 480 NTSC. The image display is a JPG 720 x 480 which is considered fairly universal for being compatible with all computer formats.  


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