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RIGID KJ-3100 Water Jetter

April 5, 2012

This portable water jetter jets 2” to 10” drain lines, as it allows you 3000psi actual working pressure that will handle commercial or industrial applications. It has a lightweight flexible hose that will easily blast through sludge, soap, grease, and sediment blockages. As you pull the hose back up it will power scrub the line, flushing debris and restoring it to complete free flow once again.

The KJ-3100 has Power

The Ridgid Kj -3100 is powerful machine with a 3000-psi and a flow of 5.5 GPM that allows  fast and effective line cleaning, and it accomplishes this without relying on chemical additives to aid it in clearing the drain.

The KJ-3100 Goes Farther

The lightweight, nylon braid hose design, allows longer propulsion down the line because its featherweight design allows the user to get greater flexibility. In addition, the pulse action helps negotiate any difficult bends and turns along the line by helping it clear seemingly impassable obtrusions, easily. Although the KJ-3100 Water Jetter is undoubtedly a powerful machine, it also establishes itself as a maneuverable product as well. This maneuverability comes as the result of this product being mounted on a 23” wide two wheeled cart, which can easily fit through standard sized doorways and by it’s performance in handling tight turns.


A completely removable hose reel aids in the mobility of this product by allowing easy transportation and loading onto service trucks. In addition, by featuring a quick start up gasoline engine, fuel shut off; throttle controls, and choke, this Jetter makes dialing this product in much easier. There is easy access to the oil fill and dipstick, allowing easy start up of the 16 HP Recoil engine. An added gear gives you the option of controlling the pump to run the engine faster or slower if needed. There are a reduced number of fittings, hoses and parts, which helps minimize leaks and downtime, ultimately allowing you to stay on the job and stay productive.

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