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Manufacturer Spotlight: Ridgid

April 20, 2012

Ridgid-32763 DVD Pak 2 Monitor

Rigid has been in the business of tools for an amazing 89 years. Beginning their journey by inventing the very first heavy duty pipe wrench, its reception placed Rigid firmly on the map for success with quality tools. Today the Ridgid name is recognized as one of the premier suppliers of quality plumbing tools. Years of specialization and dedicated focus have led to premium, pace setting, inventions like the Ridgid 32673, 13988, and the 37413 show off Ridgid’s ability to create a diverse range of products, which emphasize a focus on professional usability. Although Ridgid has a long history of being able to fill the gaps of manufacturing products needed in the plumbing industry.

According to their homesite, Ridgid lists three main goals the company works to achieve;

Confidence that RIDGID products will consistently perform in the harsh demands of the professional’s work site.

Efficiency which results in faster work, more jobs, and improved profits.

Industry Innovations to help our customers create new services and income sources.


Today Rigid employs teams of customer service personnel who cater to filling the needs of its distributors and consumers alike. This large network helps broaden it’s user base by being able to get many of their products into consumer hands and by providing consumer’s the ability to have easy access to customer service personal, which in turn, helps to extend the tool life of their products long after the initial purchase. This emphasis on personal service is a primary factor to Ridgid’s ability to stay in touch with the needs of its customers and innovate towards making products designed to reduce the demands placed on them by each job.


Most presently Rigid has become a division of Emerson and has established itself with a global manufacturing presence. In the United States Ridgid’s three main manufacturing facilities are in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Rigid also manufactures in Europe , Australia, and Asia.

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