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Rubbermaid 1 Cubic Yard Tilt Truck 2100 Pound Capacity 1316

March 29, 2013

Transports Huge Loads

Rubbermaid 1316 1 Cubic Yard Tilt Truck 2100 Pound Capacity

Rubbermaid made a yard  tilt truck that can hold massive amounts of weight all in one load with the Rubbermaid 1316 1 Cubic Yard Tilt Truck 2100 Pound Capacity. The Rubbermaid 1316  is built with quality industrial strength construction to support the transport of  heavy loads, up to 2,100 pounds, with ease. In addition, the Tilt Truck 1316 has a one yard capacity, making it easier to load up work site rubble and debris for removal.

Smart Dimensions

The Rubbermaid 1316 Tilt Truck is constructed to make driving and handling as easy as possible for the user, while they encounter and try to navigate difficult terrain on the job site. The tilt truck can also be easily maneuvered through buildings when construction and renovation purposes include commercial doorways and elevators. The tilt trucks dimensions are compatible with general building doorways and structures, making it a useful truck to use anywhere. Additionally, this tilt truck comes with a set of inset wheels, meaning that as the truck carries loads through residential or commercial buildings, the walls, fixtures and patrons are protected.

Constant Force Design Perk

Rubbermaid designed their 1316 Tilt Truck with a constant force design feature. This feature supports the user to easily control the dumping of the 1316 truck, by making it possible for the 1316 to be emptied without the aid of a second person. Furthermore, Rubbermaid once again emphasizes the “easiness” in the design of the 1316, by designing a tilt truck  with smooth surfaces that are incredibly easy to clean, and which are super resistant to the possible problems associated with pitting and corroding. All of which make maintenance easier than ever. Finally, for added protection there is an optional dome lid available for the top of the truck.

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