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Top Ten List of Worksite Needs: The Little Things Part 1

January 5, 2013

Setting up your worksite in order to begin performing your projects can involve a lot of the little things that may not always pop to mind. Fret not! Below is a list of all the little things you need to make sure your ready for that next big project.

10. Flagging Tape. The Irwin 65603 Flagging Tape comes in differing lengths, measuring 150 feet to 300 feet, it can also be purchased in an array of colors including Glo Lime, Blue, Red, Glo Pink, Orange, White, and Yellow. Irwin and Empire are two primary flagging tapes that are of higher quality and yet are very affordable.

9. Stake Flags. The Empire Level 78-007 flags come in three separate  colors of red, blue, yellow, pink, white and orange. They are packaged in bundles of 100 and each bundle is UPC’ed. Each flag is 4″ by 5″ and has a 21″ stem.

8. Caution Tape. The CH Hanson 16100 Yellow “Caution” Tape is available in a roll measuring 300 feet in length and 3″ in width, it comes in just one roll ready to go.

Falcon MSN Mighty Signal Horn

7. Air horns. The Falcons Mighty Sonic Signal Horn is used when you need to get someone’s attention quickly. It works best for alerting, signaling, to quiet loud children, or even if you just want to sneak up on someone and scare them stupid.

Aervoe 1185 Road Flare

6. Road Flares. The Aervoe 1185 LED Road Flare can be laid flat or on its edge, is water proof, and can be ran over by a truck and still function. This flare will hold a charge for 90 days and has no spark, open flames, fumes, or toxic chemicals. Additionally, this LED flare is also shock and impact resistant, making it the perfect worksite flare.

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