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Bosch BH2760VCD Breaker Hammer Deluxe Kit

April 11, 2012

Less Vibration, More Comfort

The Bosch BH2760VCD Breaker Hammer Deluxe Kit features technology called Active Vibration Control; this is a vibration reduction quality that is located inside the hammer mechanism and grip area that will deliver 50% less vibration versus the previous 11305 models. Comfort and added ease is an important inclusion in The Breaker Hammer’s design, the Active Vibration Control was added in order to help make using the Breaker Hammer less stressful on your body. In addition, the Break Hammer Deluxe also features ergonomic handles, which are constructed to be shock absorbent. The ergonomic handles give you added control and comfort, especially in an all day work situation, drastically reducing fatigue.

 Engineered Tough

Although, the BH2760VCD Breaker Hammer is touted as one of the toughest performing and hardest hitting hammers in its class, it has been engineered to be hard on the concrete, not on your body. The Bosch BH2760VCD weighs in at a mere 65lbs. and has an amazing and unrivaled power versus weight ratio.


The Bosch BH2760VCD Breaker Hammer Deluxe includes a non-slip housing cover that is rubberized and aids in the prevention of the Breaker Hammer falling over and being damaged while not in use. A handy attribute is the inclusion of its hauler, which aids in its portability significantly. Meaning  it can be taken anywhere and plugged into any 115/120V AC/DC or 15 amp outlet, as well as a 2500-watt generator with out the added need of a compressor. Also, included is the Service Minder brush system, this system allows you to perform maintenance on your Breaker Hammer Deluxe Kit , without the added worries of shutting it off. The BH2760VCD is designed  to automatically shut itself off when any service maintenance is being preformed. Gone are the days of  worrying about on site job maintenance and lubrication for your Bosch BH2760VCD Breaker Hammer, as it comes complete with a pre-packed grease gearbox and hammer mechanism.

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