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SENCO 23LXP 1/2″-2″ FinishPro Nailer 8L0001N

November 2, 2013

Tough Tool for Those Who Need Power


SENCO 23LXP 1/2"-2" FinishPro Nailer 8L0001N

Gone are the days of needing to arrive to the party sporting a big clunky nailer with a cord that ran the length of the local football field. Remember during your Grandpa’s generation, when a man was measured by the severity of his carpel tunnel syndrome? Whereas, it use to make one look tougher to be sporting one of these big guy tools, now you just look like an antique. So maybe it’s time for an upgrade with a smaller tool that is faster and more powerful than your Labrador sized, 1970′s nailer. The SENCO 8L0001N 23LXP 1/2″-2″ FinishPro Nailer has been recognized as the most powerful tool in its class, although it has a modern size and design, it easily ensures complete drives into hard substrates.

Ergonomic Design

The SENCO 23LXP 1/2″-2″ FinishPro Nailer 8L0001N has a magazine that automatically adjusts for different fastener lengths as well as a reversible belt hook. In addition, the rear exhaust with embedded muffler keeps the tool running smoothly.  An ergonomic handle adds for comfortable all-day operation, as well as providing the aspect of a last nail lockout that prevents dry-firing. The Ultra-narrow nose is also great while working in tight spaces, as it allows easy access to mill work and tight corners. Finally, an onboard storage is included on this product for an extra no-mar pad and jam clearing wrench.


 The SENCO 23LXP 1/2″-2″ FinishPro Nailer 8L0001N mode of operation is a sequential dual trigger safety,  with a regular operating pressure of  70-120 psi. It also has an air inlet of 1/4″ NPT, a fastener capacity of 100, and a fastener gauge of 23. The total fastener length is 1/2″ – 2″.

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