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SENCO Corrugated 25 Gauge Joint Fastener SC2

April 7, 2013

Leave the Glue At Home

SENCO Corrugated 25 Gauge Joint Fastener SC2

Tired of gluing, milling, or dowling your projects together but still need the extra strength to keep it strong? The solution, the easy to use  Senco SC2 Corrugated 25 Gauge Joint Fastener. Senco’s SC2 is a solid choice to perform almost all of your extra work in butt joints, cabinets, caskets, curios, mirrors, picture frames, pallets, pallet repair, trusses, crates, box assembly and many other similar jobs. This Joint Fastener works for you by eliminating the gluing, milling, doweling, screwing and clamping from your work load, and because it’s not a heavy tool, weighing in at about 6.9 pounds, when we say it lightens the work load, we really mean it lightens the work load. Additionally, this Senco SC2 has the ability to hold 106 galvanized staples at a time, significantly cutting into the stop and start time required to reload. The Senco SC2 also has additional strength for larger type butt joints and is built powerful enough to penetrate hard and dense material such as furniture, hardwoods and siding. The SC2 uses Senco brand corrugated fasteners, which ensures their fastener provides twice the joint strength of ordinary fasteners.

  Not All Staples Are Built The Same

Stick With Senco Crown

Picking up the right fastener for the SENCO SC2 is important for receiving the very best performance from your joint fastener. The SENCO P13BAB 1″ Crown, with 1″ Leg, 16 Gauge Galvanized Staples comes ready for a lot of work with just one box holding a total 10,000 staples! I’m starting to break a sweat just thinking about all the work I can accomplish with 10,000 staples. What makes these staples so great? Because Senco’s P13BAB proves to have fewer jams, the highest withdrawal value, less broken collation, and  more completed drives. It is also engineered to conveniently fit other manufacturers tools.

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