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Heating and Cooling: Shop-Vac 1030110, EVAP-36, FHK-212-1CA

October 11, 2012

Whether your looking to cool down the room or heat up the cabin, we have a vast assortment of heating and cooling equipment to suit your needs. In this article we will cover three of our most popular climate control products.

Air Mover


The Shop-Vac 1030110 Large Air Mover is designed to quickly and completely dry wet carpets and floors, it also has the option of a dual position for drying walls and ceilings. In addition, the 1030110 has a three speed air flow control motor, and offers the option of easy transportation  from, and to, multiple jobs and worksite locations with the top carry telescopic handle. The Shop-Vac Large Air Mover units are stackable for easy storage in your shop, or even in your work truck or van. This product also features a 30 foot power cord, carry handle, and rear wheels for easy mobility, on board cord wraps, and a powerful 1600 CFM motor.


Heating and Cooling EVAP-36 36"evaporative cooler 46gal 62"x32"x70"

The greatest feature to this unit is the duality of heating or cooling. the EVAP-36 36 Inch evaporative cooler has a 36″ belt drive that provides amazing cooling power up to 100 feet in front of the unit, and provides constant air flow in an expansive 35,00 square feet area. In addition, this unit is able to accomplish this thanks to its extra large internal water reservoirs, which allows the unit to operate approximately 8 hours total, without being connected to an external water source! The units water is supplied from a built in internal tank, filled from a standard 3/4″ water hose or from an optional water tank. The water level in the internal tank is controlled by the unit’s float valve and is virtually maintenance free because of a submersible water pump and an 8″ thick evaporative media. Plus, the Heating and Cooling EVAP displays 10°F – 30°F of evaporative cooling, as well as 6° F – 8° F of wind chill cooling.

The Evap-36 is made from  roto-molded corrosion free polyethylene housing and measures 16″ by 36″. This ensures that this unit’s size does not impede it’s ability to fit through a standard 36″ door. Some other very cool features of this product are a 20″ long 16 gall0n 3-conductor cord with a GFCI plug, as well as a thermally protected and permanently lubricated fan motor. In addition, the unit comes with variable speed adjustment features. A weather tight fan and pump controls the switches, and comes complete with heavy duty casters featuring 2 locking and 2 non-locking options. Additionally, this product is UL listed, meets OSHA requirements, and has a 2 year limited warranty.

 Infrared Technology

FHK-212-1CA Portable Electric Infrared Heater

The FHK-212-1CA Portable Electric Infrared Heater with 15 ft. Cord and Grounded Plug has a double side wall for its housing and a double top baffle both of which help reduce operating temperatures, and the double top baffle also helps in providing a 60° symmetrical heat pattern. A factory installed U-shaped metal sheath enables the infrared heating technology elements, and gives this unit an amazingly long 5000 hour life. It features heavy duty protective wire screens as well as GOLD anodized aluminum internal reflectors. The heating and cooling unit weighs 18 pounds and has 15.0 AMPS.


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