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Stabila 03160 LA-5P Laser Bob 5 Point Laser

September 13, 2013

Transfer 90 degree layouts

Stabila 03160 LA-5P Laser Bob 5 Point Laser

The Stabila 03160 LA-5P Laser Bob 5 Point Laser has several amenities to support the user in achieving perfect results including the ability to transfer 90 degree layout points> In addition, Stabila’s 03160 also allows it’s user the ability to plumb points up and down, as well as rotatable housing which protects the lenses when closed, and Stabila even included an extendable base, and three accessories including a large plate, a wall bracket and a belt pouch. Five laser points are included with the plumb-up point, a plumb down point, a level point, and a square points. In addition, Stabila’s 03160 allows you to create faster layouts with the transfer of right angles, and the up and down plumb points are able to be positioned for straight and curved studs and can be used for rapid and accurate alignment.

Rotate 360 Degrees

The Stabila 03160 LA-5P Laser Bob 5 Point Laser can also rotate it’s laser 360 degrees in its own housing, with a precise and quick transferring system with the layout points. This is all illustrated with the shining bright and small round dots that are easy to see indoors up to 100 feet, plus they are easy to work with. The tool is also a snap to get into position; first, set it directly on the floor or counter, second, attach it to a tripod or laser pole with a ¼˝ thread, Third, attach it to the V-groove on the backside of the exterior housing securely with the included rare earth magnet, and lastly, add the security of a strap or belt that you can pull tightly around posts. One final inclusion in the design is a shock absorbing soft-grip rubber that has been added to the outer housing.

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