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Stabila 06320 LD-320 130′ Laser Measure

September 6, 2013

Stabila Provides the Basics

Stabila 06320 LD-320 130' Laser Measure

For a great tool that you can rely on, that easily provides the basics for everyday measuring in the industry is the Stabila 06320 LD-320 130′ Laser Measure, which offeres the most basic, no frills  measuring technology that professional craftsmen need everyday on the building site. Th LD320 is part of Stabila’s compact class, and it’s modern small size allows you the portability to always keep one on your belt, just in case you get the call for randomly intermittent basic measuring.

Rapid Measuring

Getting the rapid measuring you need as you complete the job, with an easy to operate body and design, is the entire goal of the Stabila 06320 LD-320 130′ Laser Measurer. If you have no need or desire for a lot of extra functions that add onto the overall price and complexities of operating a laser measure, then this is your model. It offers sound and solid readability options that work great with the laser, all thanks to the extra large figures and the clearly lit illuminated display.

Built Tough for Heavy Duty Usage

Stabila knows rough worksite conditions can easily cause unwanted damage to the functionality of laser measurer, that’s why the Stabila 06320 LD-320 130′ Laser Measure is built tough inside and out, with it’s own impact-resistant housing that comes inclusive with a shock-absorbing STABILA soft grip casing. Furthermore, the LD 320 also fulfils the new international standard of ISO 16331-1, meaning you can really rely on the range and accuracy of the data acquired. In addition, the LD-320 also offers high versatility of 8 functions including length, area, volume, tracking for the ability of continuous measurement, pythagoras with two measuring points, pythagoras with three measuring points, minimum tracking, and finally maximum tracking.

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