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Stabila 06420 LD-420 260′ Laser Measure

September 4, 2013

Versatile for all of your Applications

Stabila 06420 LD-420 260' Laser Measure

This measuring genius comes with versatility in the blood! The Stabila 06420 LD-420 260′ Laser Measure offers several avenues that allow you to keep your options open, as it can accomplish a wide range of applications. One great feature is this tool’s ability to add your personal constants to the laser measure’s memory.  For example the tool can figure out the  working hour costs and  the price per square feet of your material, ultimately allowing you to make accurate estimates and competitive bids after measuring the layout of any desired room. Simply use your constants to calculate the total costs and present your most accurate estimate in next to no time, with complete confidence, making this tool the optimum choice for anyone who must give accurate and precise measurements in order to remain competitive. At the end of the day, the inclusion in the design of individually defined constants and a direct calculation feature are what separate this unit from the herd.

Thirteen Functions Ensuring Top Accuracy

The wide range of functions and the top accuracy ensure rapid, secure, measuring results for your clients needs. Water and dust do not ruin the tools ability to work properly as it is protected per the IP 65 impact-resistant housing with shock-absorbing STABILA soft grip casing. In addition, the versatility continues as you can call up additional information for many of it’s 13 functions including;  length, area, volume, tracking for continuous measurement, chain measurement, pythagoras with two measuring points, Pythagoras with three measuring points, Pythagoras partial sections with three measuring points, minimum tracking, timer, stake out, and finally trapezoid.

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