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Stabila 06420 LD-420 260′ Laser Measure

September 18, 2013

Built by Stabila to be Versatile

Stabila 06420 LD-420 260' Laser Measure

The Stabila 06420 LD-420 260′ Laser Measure is built with the intentions of  versatility in mind. Customizable with a feature that allows the user to add their own personal constants to the laser measurers memory. A great illustration of this could be a conglomeration of of the essential calculations one would need to perform on the job, such as calculating the  working hour costs as well as the price per square feet of a used material needed to  measure the rooms. Or the user could just simply use those programmed constants to calculate the costs of the job, and then immediately present the offer to the client  in next to no time.

Aids in Building a Compatible Design

The Stabila 06420 LD-420 260′ Laser Measure gives you the ability to call up additional information for many functions, such as Pythagoras, area, volume and the such, to support the user in finding the scope of a wall or ceiling area. In addition, this Laser measure can aid in building a site compatible design. Plus, the new LD 420 is protected against the elements such as water and dust, as it is in line with the IP 65 rating and is built with a heavy duty impact-resistant housing that comes with a handy shock-absorbing STABILA soft grip casing. The LD 420 is completely compliant as it fulfills the new international standard ISO 16331-1, ensuring that you can really rely on the range and accuracy data. Featuring 13 amazing functions including length, area, volume, tracking with continuous measurement, chain measurement, pythagoras with two measuring points, pythagoras with three measuring points, pythagoras partial sections with three measuring points, minimum tracking, maximum tracking, timer, stake out, trapezoid.

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