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Stanley FatMax Short Blade Chisel Set – 6 Pc. 16-971

September 24, 2012


Stanley’s FatMax is one of their most popular lines to date, and is one that offers a wide variety of hand tools. In this blog we will review the precision and quality that goes into making Stanleys 16-971 FatMax Short Blade Chisel Set of Six.

It’s a Process to Gain Perfection

Stanley FatMax Short Blade Chisel Set - 6 Pc. 16-971

The  Stanley 16-971 FatMax Short Blade Chisel Set – 6 Pc. is made with the notably high quality Sheffield-grade steel from Hellaby, England. It has an enhanced grinding cell, which offers the blade an improved looking finish in addition to the exceptional increase in sharpness. Built right into the blade is a  thru-tang steel core. The thru-tang steel core completes a chain of events as it transfers the strike-force onto the strike steel, then to the strike cap, from where it then travels to the tip of the chisel. This FatMax Chisel is made with a quality hard-tempered high-chrome carbon alloy steel providing edge retention on the blade, meaning you will get a perfect cutting edge each and every time. In addition, the blade comes completely honed and ready to use as soon as its in your hand.

Quality Craftsmanship!

The blade is made to be superior to any chisel blade you have used before because FatMax makes their chisel blades in a four step method. First, it is precision ground, second, it is matched to ensure exactness in size, third, it is etched into the perfect blade size, and fourth, it is lacquered to give the blade complete corrosion protection. Stanley’s FatMax Short Blades are also ergonomically designed with a bi-material grip handle which is made to be impact resistant. Included with the FatMax Short Blade Chisel set is blade guards that  protect the sharp working edges of your blades when your not using them.

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