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Stanley 20 oz. FatMax AntiVibe Rip Claw Hammer 51944

September 3, 2012

Claw Hammer 101

Stanley 51-944 Smooth Nailing Hammer

A claw hammer is an item of necessity in every American household, but if you are looking to do actual daily wood work with your hammer, including Do-It-Yourself projects here are a couple of tips for picking a great hammer out. When looking at claw hammers a 20 ounce model with a fiberglass or steel handle and a rubber grip is ideal. This model type is the most versatile and can handle pulling nails and extracting bent or broken fasteners. Besides the “claw” style head there are two other head styles available, which are the “waffle head” and the “finish head”. The finish head is generally the one you see the most and it is distinguished by it’s smooth round striking surface. Besides just driving nails, the head on the “finish” hammer can also be used for framing as it will leave a flat indent on the wood stock and usually runs a bit lighter. The other type of head, known as the waffle head, is dubbed for the cross hatch groove design on its head. The waffle head tends to run at a heavier weight and is used by professionals who will drive an enormous amount of nails. As the waffle head claw hammer will leave a distinct mark on the wood, this hammer is not for a finished look.

A Durable Heavy Hitter

The Stanley 51-944 20 oz. FatMax AntiVibe Rip Claw Hammer  has an overall length of 13-15/16″ has a neat patented tuning fork design, which reduces harmful vibration while hammering, significantly mitigating the cause of wrist and arm injuries. The forged one-piece steel construction and engineering is made for increased strength and durability. It’s high quality rim temper reduces incidences of chipping or spalling. In addition, because it is made ergonomically for the comfort of your hands and grip, it reduces user fatigue as well as allows for multiple grip positions. A specific texture is molded into each individual grip offering increased comfort and an increased performance level, even when the hammer is wet.

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