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Stiletto 14 oz. Mini Ti Bone Hammer TBM14RMS

July 17, 2012

Stiletto brand hammers are known to be the very best in the business for their hard hitting appeal while still delivering 10 times less recoil shock per blow. The Stiletto TBM14RMS 14 oz. Mini Ti Bone Hammer is a framer’s hammer that features a steel replaceable face and hits like a 24 ounce hammer. What this means is that the TBM14RMS is light, in fact it may be the lightest hammer in its class. The difference is due to its head being composed of durable titanium and trust me when I say this, that until you’ve worked with and compared a titanium hammer versus a traditional one, you won’t even be able to comprehend the difference, its amazing!

The Stiletto TBM14RMS features a milled removable striking face, and an overall length of 15 1/4″. In addition the ergonomic handle is a contoured rubber straight handle, and is specifically engineered to give you maximum grip and maximum comfort. The claw on this framer’s hammer is a side claw with a rip/straight claw type. Also however, the Stiletto TBM14RMS features a 180° side nail puller, which many times is preferred to using the claw, and the side nail puller is designed to have more prying power than normal steel hammers. If those features aren’t enough to seal the deal, Stiletto also offers a handy  magnetic nail starter as part of the lightweight 14 ounce titanium head. The magnetic nail starter offers a magnetized groove that holds the head of the nail while you set it, which in turn offers superior protection for your thumbs and fingers. Finally, if you only like to buy American, Stiletto manufacturing is 100% made in the USA.

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