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Stiletto 5-Piece TiBone Combo Kit

August 6, 2012

This hammer is a pleasurable working experience, especially if you are a seasoned veteran who experiences the occasional joint discomfort associated with years of hard hitting hammer blows. Even for the less chronically injured, this tool offers sanctuary from the abuse caused by using heavy hammers.  Why? Because the Stiletto 5-Piece TiBone Combo Kit offers some of the lightest hammers and striking tools available.

The Stiletto hammer was designed to cut down on the vibration your body has to absorb every time you hit your hammer against a surface. The TiBone Hammer is made with a 15 oz. milled face titanium head hammer with an 18″ long curved handle. The handle itself is quality engineering, as it is 200% stronger than the alternative hickory handle. In addition, the Stiletto 5-Piece TiBone  has a black ergonomically contoured, hardwearing rubber handle which comes equipped with its own magnetic nail starter. Also included is a smooth replaceable face made with a titanium head for the TiBone Hammer and features a steel nail puller which is 5 times stronger.

All of these features in conjunction with its amazingly lightweight overall design, at only 8 oz. and 11.5″ long, makes this Tibone combo kit one of the best buys ever to grace your toolbox. The patented Dimpler allows the user to pull nails cleaner, without chipping. The kit comes complete with 10 outer pockets and 6 inner pockets, as it can carry all your Stiletto tools and is embroidered with the famous Stiletto logo. Also in the kit is a black brushed cotton, low profile baseball cap with a two-color Stiletto logo in the bill and a velcro rear strap.

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