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Sumner 2118 Contractor Materials Lift 783651

February 7, 2013

Designed for Industrial Contractors

Sumner 2118 Contractor Materials Lift 783651

The Sumner 2118 Contractor Materials Lift 783651 has been designed by Sumner to be as convenient as possible for industrial contractors that are in need of an industrial lift, without the complications of a large lift that is difficult to transport to differing job-sites or projects. Three main design components show that this lift will stand apart from the competitors with; easy transport onto worksites and vehicles, easy set up anywhere, and a convenient design which easily converts to compact storage when needed.

Move It!

The Sumner 783651 has been created and designed in a particular shape in order to make transporting the machine as easy as possible. Whether it is being rolling through standard doorways, or down different sized tail gates on its lockable 5″ polyurethane casters, a lot of consideration has been spent on designing this unit for maximum mobility. 

Its A Simple Set Up!

Setting up anywhere is not a problem as the Sumner 783651 has no required tools and no loose parts for the operator to keep track of. The included loading bar is a great addition when the job calls for the use of overhead cranes on the worksite. In addition, the Sumner 2118 Industrial lift is perfectly designed to be as convenient as possible for the operator to use with reversible forks, also offers a variety of attachments to meet your current worksite lifting needs, and has a redesigned load cable that feeds inside of the lifts mast, meaning there is no longer the danger of an exposed cable hanging inches away from the working operator’s face. Plunger pins are apart of the lifts make up providing the dual purpose of quick readjustment and compact storage. Some quick highlighted specifics of this lift is the large 7/32″ load cable, height availabilities of  12′, 18′ and 24′ , as well as a total maximum weight capacity of 650 pounds.

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