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Sumner 2416 Contractor Lift 784751

October 18, 2013

 Lifts your Projects to New Levels

Sumner 2416 Contractor Lift 784751

Go above and beyond all of your lifting applications with the Sumner 2416 Contractor’s Lift 784751! Built with a super compact body design that has the ability to lift pipe or heavy materials up to 17 feet, or even fork down 16 feet. Additionally, this lift has a duality in nature, as the Sumner lift is small enough to roll through and  fit between many warehouse isles with ease so that you can use the lift to pick products or complete construction applications. The one piece construction, means there is no set up and no loose pieces to deal with and lose.

Transports With Ease

The compact size also makes the Sumner Lift 2416 with an extremely portable design, meaning the lift can be operated by just one man. But this lift offers even more options, such as it’s ease of portability, allowing it to fit into most vans, including trucks and SUV’s. This lift is the perfect fit for not only small privately owned companies, but the larger corporation warehouses and industrial employers as well. The list of businesses and industries that might make a good home for this product, include; HVAC contractors, electrical contractors, industrial maintenance, and steel erectors.

   Sumner’s Lift, Lifts A lot

Sumner’s 2416 Contractor lift has heavy duty capabilities to lift a total of 450 pounds at a time, or approximately one beastly mother in law, which is great for getting her away from the thanksgiving dinner table when she’s going back for fifths. In addition, it also offers the ability to height stow 62.8″, with a length operating of 48″, and a length stow of 23″. The width stowed is 26.4″, the width operating is 55.25″ and the winch cranks per foot is 8. Get the lift , that lifts a lot, but is all contained in one small portable package!

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