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Sumner 780303 R-250 Roust-A-Bout Material Lift

April 18, 2012

   One Man Crew

The Sumner 780303 R-250 Roust-A-Bout helps facilitate one individual to lift and place loads in close-fitting spaces where other lifts just cannot deliver. Maneuvering objects that are seemingly awkward, the Sumner 780303 Roust-A-Bout ‘s Adjust-A-Fit feature makes the job trouble free and brief. The adaptability of the Sumner 7803003 R-250 Roust-A-Bout makes your toughest job possible and reduces your crew size to a grand total of one individual, as he mans R-250 Roust-A-Bout all by himself, you will find your money and time are saved exponentially. The Sumner 780303 R-250 Roust-A-Bout is a workhorse as it delivers loads weighing in as much as 15,00 lbs. and raises these weighty loads up to 25 feet in mere minutes! The Sumner 780303 R-250 Roust-A-Bout rids you of come alongs, scaffolds, swing booms, and monorails as it can move either horizontally or vertically simultaneously, as well as lowering below floor level! The wider can load up to 1,000 lbs. and can be handled with the help of the Tee Head Extension Bar. Additionally, the mast winch delivers a 2-speed option, which offers multiple open ended options with your load adjustments, as it operates load and mast elevation seperately.

Notable Features

The mast and base are easily separated for easy and quick transportation of the Sumner 780303 R-250 Roust-A-Bout, as well as making storage a snap. Each R-250 Roust-A-Bout comes with a spare load pulley shear pin, for rapid in field resetting, important to note that the load pulley shear pin offers your operator overload protection.

  One Man Into A Crew!



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