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Sumner 783652 2124 Contractor Lift

April 30, 2012

The Sumner 783652 2124 Contractor Lift is considered by many to be unrivaled and an all around best choice for a contractor lift. The 2124 Contractor Lift possesses a taller mast, with fewer sections, that will aid your operator in utilizing heights as high as 12’, 18’ and 24’, now that’s high! This current model of the 1224 Contractor Lift is lighter and less expensive than its predecessor, however the base, forks, and winch are the same as the previous model.

The Sumner 783652 2124 Contractor Lift boasts a Sumner built winch and displays smart engineering with its highly reliable and single speed winch that incorporates the use of an idler roller to feed four rollers, that in turn feed the cable evenly on the drum and avoids cable flats. The reversible forks are utilized by pulling the plunger pins, in this fashion the forks can then be repositioned for added desired height. Additionally the 2124 Contractor Lift has the capability to become flush with the ceiling and the forks can also be removed by pulling plunger pins.

The Sumner 783652 2124 Contractor Lift displays hard tread urethane wheels with Delrin bearings and lockable 5” castors. The Fast Action Stabilizer Legs are mounted on the base top and the stabilizers legs easily fold down and lock in place. Due to the 650 lbs. heaviness of the 1224 Contractor Lift, the leg rollers are engineered to allow the 1224 Contractor Lift to aid the operator in rolling it through standard doorways and tailgates. There is absolutely zero tools or loose hardware to trouble shoot, you will find the Sumner 1224 an uncomplicated and easy to utilize tool on your site. When you are finished with the lift, the leg lock mechanism will simply release with the press of the button and locks into the desired  position for storage.


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