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Sumner 783700 2010 Material Lift (10′/1000 lbs.)

May 11, 2013

Easily Rolls Through Standard Doors

Sumner 783700 2010 Material Lift (10'/1000 lbs.)

The Sumner 783700 2010 Material Lift (10′/1000 lbs.) is built to support users as they roll the lift through residential and commercial standard doorways. It is also built with the correct  dimensions to support users with rolling the lift up and onto truck tail gates. Another great feature of the Sumner 2010, is that it has a loading bar included to support the machines use in conjunction with overhead cranes on the work site. The lift has reversible forks, which can be utilized while loading material, and if desired, can also be removed by simply pulling the plunger pins. In addition, Sumner also designed the plunger pins for quicker re-adjustments and compact storage of the machine.

 Safe Load Cable Design

Sumner designed the 2010 with no loose parts and then further improved the design by necessitating that no tools would be needed to put it together. The Sumner 2010 has a variety of attachments to aid in specializing the lift to your specific needs. The 2010 has a large 7/32″  load cable that  feeds inside the lifts mast, ridding the lift of an old design flaw of an exposed cable just inches away from the operator’s face.

Sumner Offers Agility As Well As Stability With The 2010

There is no doubt that the 2010 is desined for mobility convenience, as all of the legs are equipped with rollers designed to endure the rough terrain of a busy worksite, and are engineered to aid the operator in rolling the lift onto trucks, or into vans, making it ideal for compact storage. There is a leg lock mechanism, that releases with the push of a button, that locks the lift into a compact stored position. The leg rollers also allow the lift to be wheeled around to different areas for maximum usage. Finally if needed an optional stabilizer can be purchased separately.

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