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Sumner GH2T Gantry Lift – 15′ Beam 785100

August 23, 2012

The Sumner GH2T Gantry Lift – 15′ Beam 785100 has the muscle you want in spades, it literally holds a ton and with the capacity of 2 metric tons, or the ability to lift a total of 4,400 pounds. With that much muscle in your arm, even you can lift like a pro! The Sumner GH2T Gantry Lift is extremely lightweight and easy to transport, thanks to its all aluminum frame. Thus if portability, convenience and ease of set up and take down are a top priority, the GH2T is most likely the perfect lift for you.

What this lift really provides though, is the ability to put more money in your pocket from a job and acquire more work due to better bidding because it helps to cut down on the costs of labor. With the 785100 you don’t need a to have a whole work crew help you put the lift together, in fact it can be assembled in just a few minutes with as little as two people and two wrenches. In fact, it can be assembled in just three steps!

First adjust the mast lifting handle with the plunger pin to a comfortable lifting position. Second lift the mast and remove the quick-action mast locking pin, notice no bolts! Third, while lifting the handle next to the frame, watch for the mast holes to align for the locking pin.

Once it’s set up, you will find that Sumner’s 15′ Gantry Lift adjusts in height increments of 6″. In addition, Sumner engineered this product with a smart leverage design, which completely eliminates the need for forklifts or any other lifting devices. The Sumner 785100 GH2T 15′ Gantry Lift Beam has a no fail aluminum frame design that resists corrosion and lends itself to the overall lightweight of this product, making it easier and more liftable. It has only a few pieces that you will need to fool with; two A-Frames that have 8″ casters, a trolley, a cross beam and the attaching hardware.


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