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Sumner Hold-E Pipe Clamp 785000 & Sumner Internal Rotary Ground Clamp 4″ – 8″ 780454

September 25, 2012

A pipe clamp is naturally a clamp for holding large pipes that are to be cut or threaded. The Sumner 785000 clamp is best in breed and holds pipes tight. The Sumner Hold-E Pipe Clamp 785000 is a quick, simple, safe clamp for holding pipe, especially when you need a pipe clamp that can exert serious pressure and securely hold your projects. The Sumner Hold-E Pipe Clamp fixture is available in  grips of 3/4″ to 6″ pipe  and 1″ to 6-1/2″ tubing. Made of a rugged steel frame, it offers you years of endurance and use. The 785000 has an operating handle that repositions for close work. A quick release button is included to make operating the pipe clamp simple as it allows the clamp arms to open and close in seconds. Additionally Acme threads permit positive gripping of pipe to the vee head.

Another new product from Sumner is the Sumner 780454 Internal Rotary Ground Clamp 4″ – 8″, which is made specifically to prevent ground wire tangles during welding applications that involve the rotation of pipe. The Sumner Internal Rotary Ground Clamp keeps the ground wires stationary while the pipe rotates, no more tangles. The 780454  clamp attaches and detaches itself in mere seconds with an easy and adjustable tension spring. In addition, this Sumner clamp uses the reliable “C” rotary ground, which incorporates both a stationary and movable contact plate that rotates 360 degrees, ultimately providing a total of three contact points that insure a reliable grounding action. Also included are positive anti-arc bearings, which take loads up to 500 amps. Sumner’s new Internal Rotary Ground Clamp 780454 is designed for vertical and horizontal positions of manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic welding applications.

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