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Sumner HVAC Cradle Lift – 15′ material lift 784332 2315

March 9, 2013

Sumner Built With Solid Safe Construction

Sumner HVAC Cradle Lift - 15' material lift 784332 2315

The Sumner HVAC Cradle Lift – 15′ material lift 784332 2315 has been designed and built with the very best materials to ensure the 2315 is exceptionally solid and safe in its construction. Bright yellow in color, the Sumner 2315 is built tough enough for the everyday wear and tear of a typical industrial work site.

Sumner Quality

The Sumner Cradle Lift has been engineered with a helpful two speed winch handle, as well as a quick tool-free assembly design, meaning no loose parts and also equaling no confusion. The Sumner 2315 HVAC Cradle Lift is built to accommodate industrial worksites and requires only one operator to use the lift, thus accomplishing the work of several people at once and ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Lift 150 Pounds Up To 150 Feet

The Sumner Cradle Lift 2315 can easily meet the particular lift needs of the job, thanks in part to its ability to tilt 65 degrees, lift loads weighing 150 pounds, up to a maximum height of 15 feet in the air. In addition, the Sumner 2315 lift also now loads at a convenient 34″/86 cm, which is a newly engineered design advantage, geared to support Sumner’s overall approach to promote the machines operator safety.

No Free Fall and No Spinning Wheels

Sumner created the 2315 Cradle Lift with two designed emphasized points in mind, the first being operator simplicity, and the second being operator safety. To further the notion of safety, Sumner engineered the 2315 with no pinch points, no free fall, no spinning wheels, and  no exposed parts. All of these coalesce with  Sumner’s safety standards, as well as this unit coming complete with a single cable design that weighs only 99 pounds.

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