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Sumner Manufacturing

June 18, 2012

Sumner Manufacturing began with Joe Sumner in the mid 1960’s while he worked as the Worldwide General Foremanfor Sam P Wallace Co., a mechanical contractor employed by the U.S. government. It was during his tenure there that had an epiphany, there was a huge gap between the amount of quality welding tools in the market that coincided with lifting equipment that was suited for the general purpose of installing pipe in a safe simplistic manner.

Sumner Manufacturing Facility

This tremendous need left Mr. Sumner with little choice in the matter, as in order to get a job done, he often had to develop, fabricate, and design his very own equipment. Thanks to Joe’s ingenuity, his jobs for Wallace Co. became increasingly efficient, so much so that often his jobs were completed before their scheduled due dates, and better yet, they came in under the budget that the Wallace Company had appropriated him.

After much success as a contractor in the field, Mr. Sumner decided it was time to begin his own company; he began to produce the very same equipment he had designed and utilized for Sam P Wallace Co., this time however, his equipment would be designed to be utilized by the general public at large. Thus, Sumner Manufacturing was born, after which it preceded to build products with an emphasis on the needs of mechanical contractors, an area that Mr. Sumner felt he had the background, knowledge, and understanding of the industries pain points in order to be able to excel. Word spread quickly and a demand grew for his products, with this success Sumner Manufacturing began to design and offer a range of new products. Today Sumner manufacturing is used globally in over 40 countries, with branches in the United Kingdom and Canada, and still holds court as the king in pipe handling equipment with products for various contractor trades.




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