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Sumner R-150 Roust-A-Bout 780301

April 26, 2013

A Roust-A-Bout Built For Heavy Duty Lifting

Sumner 780301 R-150 Roust-A-Bout

The Sumner 780301 R-150 Roust-A-Bout is a unique product built by a unique company with a reputation and long tradition of specializing in products that are one of a kind. The Sumner 780301 is another such product and is designed to provide heavy duty lifting capabilities for even the most demanding jobs. The 780301 was engineered and designed to easily lift loads of up to 1,500 pounds in weight or 680 Kgs. In addition, the R-150 is a multi-directional unit that can easily be configured to move your loads vertically and or horizontally depending on the requisites of each individual job.

Two Winches

The Sumner R-150 Roust-A-Bout has been built with smart engineering, which is demonstrated in it’s design through the inclusion of two winches that offer the operator the capabilities to operate the load and mast elevations separately. There is also the optional two speed load winches, which allows the operator to choose the right speed for each of the applicable functions that the 780301 is capable of performing.

The R-150 780301 Also Has Infinite Load Height

The R-150 gives the operators an infinite load height adjustment, ultimately enabling each operator the flexibility of providing a customizable solution to the task at hand. With the capablilities of reaching 15 feet, 18 feet, and/or 25 feet in height, the Roust A Bout is the premier solution for any jobsite that requires an adept product designed for heavy lifting and material handling.

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