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Sunday of Sundries

July 10, 2013

You may be surprised at the plethora of various items offered in bulk available on a jobsite. While ordering something online for your next job, skip the trip to the store and check out these items… You might just find something you need, plus there’s no lines!

 Nix Scaffolding?

Warner 10229 EZ-Stride Drywall Stilts 24"-40" 1 Pair

Warner 10229 EZ-Stride Drywall Stilts 24″-40″ 1 Pair are a lightweight option when there is an area that requires height. The Drywall stilts come with hardened aircraft grade aluminum and a larger adjustable heel plate. They boast dual spring action and adjustable springs for more or less heel pressure with a leg height that adjusts from 24″ – 40″. These  EZ stride stilts are composed of lightweight aluminum stilts which are perfect for handling walls and overheads, where scaffolding and ladders are not suitable. The  EZ-Stride adjustable stilts will adjust fast and simply without tools! they  feature a dual-spring action to make your walking more natural and less “big bird-ish”. The stilts have cotton straps with heavy-duty spring clips, these clips are permanently installed at the factory to prevent accidental loss and have a padded calf brace for added user comfort.

Ink It..Permanently

Stanley 47-329B Mini Marker Multi Color Fine Tip - Bulk

Great to buy in bulk the Stanley 47-329B Mini Marker Multi Color Fine Tip – Bulk has a quick drying ink formula and can permanently write on almost all surfaces. Drop them into your pocket, tool box, drawer, or even your work boot. The Stanley Mini Markers are available in black, blue, red and green.

Long Lasting Letters

Brass Lettering CH-Hanson-10033

Brass lettering such as the CH Hanson 10033 3″ Brass 33 Piece Single Letter Set is great for stenciling. This set is made of a durable brass composition for long-lasting service and can be cleaned up easily with any general paint solvent. Great to be utilized for lettering legible signs on all surfaces including wood, cement, house siding, and stucco. The shiny brass stencils slide simply together and come apart just as easily. They can be utilized with a paint brush, paint sponge, spray ink, spray paint, paint or even permanent markers. Reusable with 33 long lasting pieces featuring the alphabet, plus a beginner, a period ender, a comma, a dash, a period, an apostrophe, and an amperstand symbol.

Smells Like Florida

Kimberly Clark 91371 Wypall Waterless Hand Wipes

When the job is done, hand and surface clean up is usually required, and these wipes are super easy to grab and wipe up messes with! The Kimberly Clark 91371 Wypall Waterless Hand Wipes issue straight from the bucket with an Orange/Citrus smell. Loaded with 75 wipes per bucket the Wypall Waterless Hand Wipes Cleaning agent is tough on grease, grime, ink and paint, and moisturizes your skin. One side is designed smooth for wiping and one side is made rough for scrubbing applications. An added bonus to all the clean up is you will smell like an orange when your done.



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