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Bosch 11317EVS 3/4″ Hex Demolition Hammer

October 24, 2013

   Hardest Working Tool on the Worksite The Bosch 11317EVS 3/4″ Hex Demolition Hammer runs on a high  amperage of 12.8, which makes the impact energy hard hitting with  4.0 – 16.5′ pounds. Outfitted with a no load BPM of 850 – 1,800 and a 120 volt rating, this demo hammer punches through the toughest materials. With a length of only 22.0″, ...

Makita 27lbs AVT Demolition Hammer HM1214C (SDS-Max)

June 12, 2013

Powerful Makita Motor with a Counterbalance System   This Makita Demolition Hammer is engineered with a powerful 14 AMP motor, and is designed to handle the operator’s most demanding and diverse work applications, the 27 pound Makita HM1214C 27lbs AVT Demolition Hammer (SDS-Max) truly delivers. Included is Makita’s new anti-vibration technology, also referred to as AVT, it is Makita’s ...

Milwaukee SDS-max Demolition Hammer 5339-21

January 15, 2013

A Great Demo Hammer’s Key is Balance with Power and Weight Demolition work is tough and dirty, especially when dealing with concrete and masonry. If you work in a large city and find yourself doing this type of prep work, more likely than not you need to rely on a demolition hammer that has the ...

Milwaukee 3/4-Inch Hex Demolition Hammer 5337-21

June 27, 2012

  Milwaukee, a name recognized and regarded as synonymous with quality innovation, has created another marvel with the 5337-21 3/4-Inch Hex Demolition Hammer. Milwaukee, always on the look out for a better way to build a tool; performs in strides once again. The Hex Demolition Hammer is a heavy-duty and robust electric hammer that can be used for ...

DeWalt 19 Lb Sds Max Demolition Hammer 2/Shocks D25891K

June 22, 2012

Does size matter? In this case it does. The DeWalt 19 Lb Sds Max Demolition Hammer 2/Shocks D25891K  punches through concrete slabs, including a 6 inch stem wall, without a problem and is a lot less taxing on your body and hearing than utilizing a 90 lb pneumatic jack in a horizontal position. The D25891k is the ...

DeWalt D25980K Heavy-Duty Pavement Breaker with Hand Truck

May 20, 2012

The DeWalt D25980K Heavy-Duty Pavement Breaker with Hand Truck comes in the DeWalt signature colors of yellow and black, and comes with its very own, perfectly sized,  handy black hammer truck. Making easy transportation of your DeWalt D25980K not only possible, but convenient as well, by eliminating the need and hassle of having to track down ...