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DIY Breaking Up a Concrete Slab: Part 2 Union Tools Cutter Mattock 30136

January 19, 2013

Part Two of DIY: Breaking Up a Concrete Slab goes on to explain how to finish breaking up the concrete slab with the help of a mattock and bolt tool to cut out rebar. How to Use the Mattock  on your Concrete Slab Once the concrete is loose don’t try to use your bare hands ...

DeWalt D25980K Heavy-Duty Pavement Breaker with Hand Truck

May 20, 2012

The DeWalt D25980K Heavy-Duty Pavement Breaker with Hand Truck comes in the DeWalt signature colors of yellow and black, and comes with its very own, perfectly sized,  handy black hammer truck. Making easy transportation of your DeWalt D25980K not only possible, but convenient as well, by eliminating the need and hassle of having to track down ...