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Greenlee Electric Hydraulic Pump With Pendant 980

February 12, 2013

Manual Hydraulic Pumps VS Electric Hydraulic Pumps Maual pumps come in several differing sizes and can provide all the cylinder application of lifting, pushing, and pulling. The upside of having a manual hydraulic pump model is the fantastic ease of portability that the manual models offer, as well as not having to worry about or ...

Greenlee UT2 Ultra Tugger Cable Puller 2 – 2000 lb Cable pulling/puller machine

December 9, 2012

Greenlee Really Pulls It Together The  Greenlee UT2 Ultra Tugger Cable Puller 2 – 2000 lb Cable pulling/puller machine does what the Greenlee brothers legacy does best, it innovates a superior product for the everyday scenario of cable pulling, making your average electrical contractor more efficient at his job. This newly developed puller has been specifically designed by ...

Greenlee Package with Mobile VersiBoom II 6906 UT10-2S

November 25, 2012

The Greenlee Package with Mobile VersiBoom II This Greenlee VersiBoom 11 has been designed with your company’s operator in mind, as it gives you the ability to move the heaviest of product loads, up to 10, 000 pounds total, swiftly and safely. The  Greenlee Package with Mobile VersiBoom II 6906 UT10-2S  does this with with it’s newly ...

CEP Temp Power Box TwistLock 6 Outlet 6506G

July 28, 2012

The CEP 6506G TwistLock 6 Outlet Temporary Power Box is CEP’s “G” Series of portable power distribution centers. This series has been engineered to utilize the latest in GFCI technology providing the operator with the highest level of electrical safety technology available. The 6506G TwistLock 6 Outlet Temporary Power distribution centers are protected by a GFCI module, ...

Klein Fork Tester CL3200

July 26, 2012

Klein has recently announced their new Test & Measurement Product Line. Included in this new line is the Klein Fork Tester CL3200. What separates this Klein fork tester is that its emphasized design aids in getting readings in very tight and compact areas, where false readings are more prevalent.

Klein Tools Clamp Meter CL2500

July 6, 2012

Klein Tools continues to extend their test and measurement line with the new 100A AC/DC Clamp Meter CL2500. A clamp meter is an electrical meter that has an intregal AC current clamp, clamp meters are typically used to measure electrical power , energy, current and other circuitry voltage. This Clamp Meter CL2500 is for professional electricians in ...